If you’re looking for a mechanic that you can trust then you need to know what that mechanic is capable of. Here at Randy’s Ring & Pinion we take pride in being mechanics with expertise and efficiency.

We started with putting the truck on our lift. Now this isn’t completely necessary, as you could easily do this with tall jack stands and a floor jack in your garage. Once the truck was stable and in the air, we began disassembly.

Pull the front tires, brake calipers, and rotors. We like to pull the differential cover and drain the fluid.  It’s good to take a look at the gears and change the fluid while you have the front tore down this far. It also prevents gear oil from running down the axle tubes and dripping all over the place when you pull the axle shafts. We also pulled the tie rod from the knuckles to make things a little easier.

Pulling the shafts was our next step, this can be a bit tricky depending on how many miles are on the odometer and how much rust has built up between the knuckle and the unit bearing. Sometimes the unit bearings require some persuasion from a big hammer and a drift to get them out, which was our experience with this install. After removing the unit bearings and shafts we can remove the ABS sensor, set it aside and clean up the mounting surface of the knuckle coating it with anti-seize once we’re done.