If you’re looking for a mechanic that you can trust then you need to know what that mechanic is capable of. Here at Randy’s Ring & Pinion we take pride in being mechanics with expertise and efficiency. Take a look at some of this Yukon Spin Free Kit installation project.

Complete Axle Installation Kit

We recently had a customer who was looking for a new custom rear end assembly for his 1971 Chevy Nova that would be hitting the local track, and pushing 500 – 800 HP in racing conditions. This high performance demand required a high performing differential assembly. After consulting with the client the recommendation was made to custom build a Ford 9”. Once completed this differential would be capable of handling power up to 800 HP, and meeting the needs of the Nova thanks to the inclusion of a Yukon nodular iron dropout, Yukon ring and pinion set, and posi with 35 spline Yukon alloy axle shafts.

The full list of parts involved in this build included…

Ford 9” Custom Housing

Yukon 3.250 Nodular Iron Dropout

3.70 ratio Yukon Ring and Pinion Gear Set

Aluminum Daytona Pinion Support

Yukon 1350 Yoke

Yukon 35 Spline Alloy Axle Shafts

Yukon Master Rebuild Kit

After the axle was built to length to meet the unique specifications of the build, it was sent to receive a black powder coat, giving it a very sleek and stylish appearance. You’ll note throughout the project photos below that special care was given to protect this powder coating (extra padding, duct tape over exposed metal on shop tools, etc.).

The first step of the physical build was taking stock of all the parts, large and small, that would be involved in assembly

Pinion Placement

Assembly began with the installation of the pinion gear and pinion support into the nodular iron dropout. The yoke – as pictured here – has already been installed, along with the bearings and races, and the pinion support bolts are torqued into place.