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Randy's provides fleet services for differential and drivetrain systems on light duty trucks, vans and cars. Feel free to Contact Us regarding specialized services and custom jobs.


Some of the more common questions we receive at the shop are...


What is the typical cost associated with wheel bearing replacement?

Wheel bearing replacement can vary depending on the vehicle and position (front or rear). Also, if other services are performed that relate to the wheel bearing there will likely be a reduction in labor cost as the time to replace the bearing is lessened.


What are some common causes of wheel bearing noise?

Generally, a wheel bearing will fail due to wear, mileage or water contamination. As the bearing wears, the rollers, or ball bearings in the assembly will pit and become very rough causing the assembly to “growl” while in rotation.


How often should I change differential fluid?

Differential oil should be changed anywhere from 1 to 3 years, or 12,000 to 36,000 miles depending on driving conditions. A vehicle used primarily as a commuter will get much more “life” out of the oil compared to a vehicle that is used often for towing or off-road usage as the oil will get much hotter in those applications. This additional heat causes the fluid to break down at a quicker rate.


Is there a way to estimate rear differential repair cost or front differential repair cost?

3/4 ton, 1 ton trucks and specialty vehicles will typically cost more than ½ ton trucks and passenger vehicles. For 4x4 vehicles the cost for a front and rear differential rebuild is about the same.


To get an idea of what’s involved the typical services that make up a differential rebuild include inspection and diagnostics, full bearing kit (pinion bearings and races, carrier bearings and races, pinion seal, carrier and pinion shims, axle bearing and seals), cover gasket, and high quality gear oil.


Additional parts that may be needed when performing a differential rebuild include:

-          Positractions or Differential Lockers

-          Ring & Pinion Sets

-          Axle Shafts


What types of bearing replacement do you offer?

In most cases we replace all differential bearings when doing differential work. This includes pinion bearings and races, carrier bearings and races, and, in most cases, axle bearings and seals.


Even if the vehicle has very low mileage or is in “like-new” condition we generally need to replace the bearings as pressing the old bearings off the pinion or carrier requires tremendous force that all too often destroys the original bearings beyond reusable condition.


Additionally, we also service/replace front and rear wheel bearing assemblies (AKA unit bearings)


What is involved with setting a differential backlash?

Differential backlash is the distance or “gap” between the ring and pinion gears. This setting is critical to gear longevity and smooth, quiet operation.


Setting backlash requires adjusting carrier shims or side adjusters, depending on the application. This can be a tedious process that requires patience, mathematics, and a magnetic based dial indicator.


What is involved with spider gear replacement?

Spider gear replacement requires removal of the existing tires and brakes, differential cover, cross pin bolt (or roll pin), c-clips, axle shafts and more.


For setups without positraction it may be possible to “roll” the old spiders gears out in order to install a new set of gears. However, if the old spider gears were pitted it is recommended to remove the carrier assembly in order to inspect the carrier bearings and races due to the potential for metal contamination in the differential system.


For setups with positraction removal of the carrier assembly is always required as the clutch pack will need to be cleaned and inspected, and may require a shim adjustment to obtain proper gear engagement and backlash.


*Cost estimates are not intended to be quotes for repair. Prices vary by vehicle, work to be performed and the price of parts on the marketplace. These estimates were created as of May 2016.

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