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With over 30 years of operation as a differential repair shop, The Service Center at Randy’s Ring and Pinion provides unparalleled expertise in the field.  Our shop technicians are truly differential specialists, working exclusively in the complex niche of differential and drivetrain systems.   We are knowledgeable in working with a wide variety of makes, models and custom setups, which translates into less guesswork, faster service and guaranteed job quality.  From wheel bearing replacement to full scale differential rebuilds, Randy’s is the premier differential shop in the Pacific Northwest.
A One of A Kind Shop

Randy’s Service Center is located within the RANDYS Worldwide Automotive aftermarket manufacturing and distribution facility, giving us direct access to a warehouse of over 6,000 parts.  Unlike most shops which have to source their parts and wait for delivery, we can provide immediate turnaround for major drivetrain components such as axles, lockers and ring and pinion gears, as well as smaller custom fitted parts like shims and seals.
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Our customers include off road enthusiasts, classic car restorers, performance racers and corporate clients looking for a dedicated shop to provide differential maintenance and repair for fleet vehicles

Give us a call, or come see us in Everett, to find out for yourself why Randy’s is your only stop for all things differential.
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